Grow delicious vegetables and greens using automation and the Raspberry Pi.

An Agrotech Project by Fruxe Farms

Smart Power Strip Kit

All-in-one solution for controlling lighting, fans and watering.

Sensors Connect GPIO sensors
Relays Control power outlets
Lights Set lighting schedule
Fans Program exhaust fans
Pump Automate daily watering
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"A crop grows tall by the watchful eye of the farmer."

Still spoken in the countryside, this axiom has offered timeless insight to generations of growers. Guided by this wisdom, our aim is to replicate those keen observational powers using various sensors, relays and grow data, resulting in fresher produce grown at optimum conditions.

Grow. Tweak. Harvest.

Easy Growing

Dashboard controls and automation simplify indoor growing.

Open Source

FruxePi is completely free to explore and modify as you please.

Healthy Living

Reap the rewards healthy eating and better nutrition.